PLeasE duN SToP Da MuSic

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i was shocked..!
i didn't know about it at all..
it's true..
i'm not lying..
if i knew it, i will take good care of u..
i will never treat u bad..
i will never said such things to u..
i knew u will not mind at all..
but i feel guilty..
it's true..
it's because i love u..
even how bad u treat me when we were small..
even how much u made me cry..
and no matter how much u said so many bad words towards me..
i will let the memories go..
because i just want to be with u..
because i do love u..
since u were born..
since u're my sister..i'm so sorry..
i really dont know about it..
am i too selfish?
or am i too bad?
or am i not a good sister?
my dear sis..
i'm so sorry..
i hope u will forgive me..
because i do care about u..
and i do love u..
get well soon sis...
i know that u're hiding your true feelings..
i know it hurts..
but u still acts like nothing happened..
u're so strong..
i miss ur madness..
i really want to see my old, healthy sis..
really miss your laugh..
and of course, your craziness..
so much moments that we shared..


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