PLeasE duN SToP Da MuSic

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N - neat, but simple

U - unpredictable sometimes...huh? always maybe.. haha!

R - reading? oh no!!! i'm not that hardworking..!!

F - funny looking? hurmm.. don't know..sometimes kot..

A - appreciating whatever i have...even if it was so hard to accept..

R - respect others... (sume orang ade hak itu.. eh, BM plak..? :P )

A - assignment..always drive me crazy... haish!!!!

D - dreamy.... (nak jadi itu, nak jadi ini..sume nak jadi!)

I - incredibly weird...!! wohoo!! (kang kalu ckp cute, org kate aku prasan..)

L - love.. is my keywords to stay alive..

L - life must go on... sadness+cry+laugh+happiness always come and gone..

A - angel (dream to be a bidadari)..but i think i'm an angle (sudut)... haha!!!

p/s : ade sdikit pbetulan coz ade yg tsalah faham dgn kenyataan yg terakhir..


ejan said...

A - angel (dream to be)..but i think i'm an angle... haha!!!

r u sure?? hehehe

paraballerz23 said...

yo la..nak jadi cam angel (bidadari)...
tapi layak jadi angle (sudut) je.. haha..!!

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